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Why choose Alpine Air Wellington?

At Alpine Air Wellington, we offer the most convenient mobile vehicle air conditioning repair service in the Wellington Region. Our company is fully equipped to carry out work mobile at our customer's convenience, from Wellington to Waikanae. This is a fantastic option for busy people who don't have the time to leave their cars at the mechanics. We are highly trained AC specialists who carry out our work sustainably, offering competitive rates.


We can carry out diagnosis on any make and model of cars, trucks and machinery and provide a quote. Diagnostics are always carried out before regassing  


Alpine Air Wellington uses specialised equipment to de- and regas vehicles. For regassing, we work on R12, HFC-13a and HFO-1234yf systems. We dispose of old gas responsibly and refill AC systems with quality gas.  

Leaks and blockages

When gas disappears from the AC system, it's usually caused by leaks. We use specialised equipment to detect leaks and blockages, which are commonly mistaken as a simple regassing job. It only "fixes" it temporarily.

Why not to use DIY a/c kits

It doesn't fix leaks and blockages. It harms the environment if there is a leak in the AC system. There are legal liabilities for inappropriate gas disposal. If you release SGGs/refrigerant gases to the atmosphere you can be fined up to $50,000.

Also, because you don't know the amount of refrigerant left in the AC system, it will cause damage if you over- or underfill the system. Topping up using a DIY kit will contaminate the fresh refrigerant because the system hasn't been cleaned properly.

We remove the contaminated refrigerant and dispose of it correctly, vacuum your system to remove all moisture and then weigh in the correct quantity of refrigerant while carrying out a performance test.


Business Hours

Mon. - Fri.
weekend bookings by appointment
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